Independent Jewish Voices Endorses The BDS Campaign At Concordia University


Independent Jewish Voices – Canada (IJV) has endorsed the referendum question put forth by undergraduate students at Concordia University supporting the call from the large majority of Palestinian civil society to advocate for boycotts, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel until it respects Palestinian rights. As a non-violent form of resistance, BDS is the best available means by which the global community can pressure Israel into respecting Palestinian rights by ending its systematic violations of international law.

We join students at Concordia in calling on the university to cut its institutional links to Israel. By continuing to partner with Israeli institutions, Concordia is sending the wrong message to its students. If it cuts ties with these institutions, Concordia will affirm that Israel must be held accountable for its systematic violations of Palestinian rights. Students and teachers alike should not collaborate in Israel’s apartheid system.

IJV continues to affirm the universal values of human rights and social justice, which as Jews of conscience we have carried with us through generations of oppression and struggle.  From our own history of being an oppressed group, we choose to stand in solidarity with the oppressed, rather than exploiting the history of Jewish suffering in order to perpetuate the suffering of others. We strongly repudiate the claims of Jewish organizations that try to silence criticism of Israel’s policies, and that misuse the history of Jewish suffering to justify the permanent occupation over Palestinian lands and lives.


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